Re: SpotCollector / Award Needed Calculations

Dave AA6YQ

@ more AA6YQ comments below

+ The CW DXCC award requires obtaining award credit for all 340 entities in CW. It does not require obtaining award credit for all 340 entities in CW on every band.

Yeah, I just realized this after digging in a bit more. So then the way to have a station show up for all bands/modes is by adding it to the Leaderboard list in the special callsigns.

+ Adding a callsign to SpotCollector's "Special Callsign" list with a Leaderboard tag will prompt you to work that callsign in all band-mode combinations. See

+ Alternatively, you can use SpotSpy, a SpotCollector add-in that supports pursuit of the "Quixote Quest": confirming every DXCC entity on every combination of bands and modes. See


Dave, AA6YQ

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