Re: Repairing DXLab Installation


On 03/11/2021 18:35, CHUCK NI0C wrote:

I'm a long time user of DXLab-- I use the latest versions of the following modules: Launcher, Commander, DXKeeper, and DXView. This morning I had all of these running when suddenly I received a virus warning from AVAST indicating a virus in Launcher. I created an exception in AVAST for Launcher, and tried running DXLab again.

Here's what happens now:
Commander won't run, and I get an error message concerning Mouse Wheel Control-- "Mouse wheel control.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered; a file is missing or invalid."
When I uncheck Commander from the Launcher startup, and run again, DXKeeper opens correctly, but then DXView won't start: "SComm32x.ocx failed to registered (sic) after 51 tries; click the OK button to terminate DXView." When I click OK, Launcher continues trying to open DXView.

Was I wrong to create the exception in AVAST? What must I do to get DXLab running correctly again? I did click the restore function for both Commander and DXView. As far as my mouse wheel goes, it seems to be working correctly in other applications. (I use a wireless Logittech mouse, and my computer uses Windows 10).

Thanks for assistance & 73,

Chuck Guenther NI0C.
Hi Chuck,

as well as creating the exception you probably need to ask AVAST to restore quarantine the files it rudely removed.




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