Re: Spotcollector 8.9.2 and Telnet Clusters


Hello Dave,

thank you for your immediate reply.

Your configuration comments are not applicable here (nothing is checked in the special callsign tab and the spots are not older than the standard 15 min you have set as default value.

It looks that the problem is somehow related to the way how SC is handling spot sources from the own pc (localhost or with port 7300) and / or another source from the local network. I don't find any other explanation why is displayed in SC's telnet cluster all the time but not in SC's database window, and this is depending on enabling either localhost:7300 or (internal ip-address): 7373 or not.

Anyway, I have contacted the author of sparksdr2dxc via the SparkSDR group and hope that there is some explanation for this strange behaviour (Info: I am using SparkSDR for my Hermes Lite II for skimming purposes).


Juergen, DL8LE

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