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On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 8:46 AM g4wjs <bill.8@...> wrote:

that may be an over-reaction. BitLocker has been around since Windows 8 and is a good thing if you want to protect your personal data. I believe MS announced some time ago that it would be enabled by default for Windows 11. What matters is where the decryption and recovery keys are stored. If I understand correctly, if you use a microsoft
An over-reaction? That *never* happens! :-D

My company required disk encryption on my company-supplied MacBook Pro
several years ago. Turned it on, OS X did it's thing, and that was
that. Never noticed it since. No performance impact that I can
detect. This discussion did cause me to realize that I really don't
know where the keys are!! :-D I suspect they are tied to my Apple ID
(same as having a M$ account) but I will google here in a bit to see.
I should also check to see if it also encrypts my TimeMachine backup
disk and images. USB keys are becoming an issue in real IT
environments and I guess I need to educate myself on that as well - I
do know that none of the USB drive encryption services that are
included in MacOS or Windows are cross-platform.

Hopefully, Bitlocker works as smoothly/silently as Apples unbranded
disk encryption. Good luck! :-D

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