Re: WARNING about Windows 11


On 01/11/2021 12:45, Gilbert Baron W0MN wrote:

Microsoft has decided to automatically turn on data encryption in Windows! 11. Not sure if on home but I read an article by the  reporter on Minneapolis paper that it did on his home edition. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU WHERE THE KEY IS OR WHAT IT IS. If your system fails you have just lost your data. Go to settings and TURN IT OFF


Outlook LT Gil W0MN


that may be an over-reaction. BitLocker has been around since Windows 8 and is a good thing if you want to protect your personal data. I believe MS announced some time ago that it would be enabled by default for Windows 11. What matters is where the decryption and recovery keys are stored. If I understand correctly, if you use a microsoft account (MSA) to log in to your PC then the keys are stored there, but if you PC has an enabled TPM chip then they are stored there thus allowing you to operate without being tied to a MSA. I have not researched this in depth so may be slight off on the details.

Is there a Windows 11 Home edition? Home editions of 8, 8.1, and 10 did not have BitLocker available by default.




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