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D. Scott MacKenzie

Regarding a need for speed.  I use an AMD 5950 with 64 Gb ram, and 2- 2Tb MVMe SSD and another 2TB SSD.  Win10 is OS.  DXLabs is no issue, and running WSJT decodes quickly.  This is while browsing and working on multiple other documents.  It is overkill for this, but I use this for creating 3D models and doing simulation.


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Norm -


I know I can't help you like I am sure the DXLab guru Dave will... but I am curious. I am considering a new machine for the shack... do you mind sharing the parameters of your new machine. I "feel a need for speed", but realize that DXLab really does not NEED a hyper fast machine.


I hope you folks are well.




On Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 7:19 PM Norm Meyers N9MM <norm42@...> wrote:

I have just loaded a fresh copy of DxLab on a new Windows computer. When attempting to update the databases, I get ahis error message: DxView scomm 9112 update.

Please help.

Thanks...Norm N9MM

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