Re: Old Use - New Install



 Thanks again. You are Everywhere! I'm surprised you have time to get on the radio. hi hi

 I followed these instructions and clicked on the in step 2. Instead of going to a file to download, it just displayed the text file on screen. So I copied all and pasted it into the existing Radios.txt file and replaced the old info in the file. I then started commander, found the 7300 on the list and selected it. So far so good. I will now proceed with getting the radio/computer setup with the warbler. If all goes well, I think I will dump HRD and go with DXLab/FLDigi.

As usual, thanks again and 73,
Steve - N6RSH

>1. terminate Commander

>2. download the current radios.txt file from


>and place it in your Commander folder, replacing the existing file with the same name

>3. start Commander

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