Re: Old Use - New Install

Dave AA6YQ

These are my Versions:
Cmd - 15.2.0
DxK - 16.3.2
DxV - 4.7.9
Laun - 2.1.4
Path - 5.2.6
Prop - 2.0.0
Spot - 8.9.2
Warb - 9.3.7

When I first installed DXLabs a couple of years ago, I know I had the 7300 set up. According to the Launcher, I am up to date.


+ If 15.2.0 appears in the title bar of Commander's Main window but the IC-7300 is not present in Commander's Radio Model selector, then the Radios.txt file in your Commander folder is obsolete, either because the Launcher's update mechanism was prevented from replacing it with the current version, or because the file was subsequently replaced with the obsolete version. To correct this,

1. terminate Commander

2. download the current radios.txt file from

and place it in your Commander folder, replacing the existing file with the same name

3. start Commander


Dave, AA6YQ

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