logging issue

Jeffrey griffin


Yesterday afternoon I experienced a computer hard drive failure.  I had to revert to a backup drive that was almost a year old. I got dxlab running with a copy of my log from yesterday. This appeared to be working well, except I can’t upload anything to LoTW. I get a ‘no QSO’s were processed because some QSO’s were duplicates or invalid’ error. I had about 20 QSO’s in the Queue to be uploaded. I get the error trying to upload them. But I then noticed another issue, I made several QSO’s this morning and when I try to upload them separately they fail with the same error. I tried to use just a copy of the main mdb file, and I also tried to replace the entire databases directory, with the same result. I’m at a loss on how to fix this. Anything I can try?


73 Jeff kb2m

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