Re: Questions about updating & Use of SpotCollector with CCUSER



As has been replied pls direct your update questions to CC User on their reflector.  Some OMs have been having problems with updates.  Many threads over there about same.

As for DXLab connecting you just need to add ve7cc-1 as a cluster access

Name:  VE7CC-1
Port:  23
Login:  your callsign
PW:    not required.

Set up all your filters in the CC User APP and the results of what you have set up will then show up in DXLab.

I have two different sites (ve7cc-1 and n4zkf-1) set up.  One is filtered for DX (non-USA) spots and the other is set for more domestic spots.

The n4zkf-1 cluster is the same as ve7cc-1 as they (like most all clusters) are synced.  I just choose to set the filters for each a tad differently.

When I login from DXLab I'll use ki5io-2 for my ve7cc-1 access and ki5io-3 for my n4zkf-1 access.  Just helps me keep things straight.
73 - Nolan K.  -  ki5io

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