Questions about updating & Use of SpotCollector with CCUSER


Two questions, please:

1.  I am running v 3.0240 dtd 12 Jan 15.  When I run the software I am advised an update is available.  I've updated the software six times this morning, over-writing the software in the \VE7CC directory as instructed.  When I restart the software I am again (... and again) reminded to update.  Thoughts as to what I am ding wrong?

2.  Once upon a time I was able to connect to CC-User via SpotCollector.  It does connect but the SC icon never turns from yellow to green and the spots from VE7CC are seen in a window but are never processed by SC.  "DXLab guyz" -- any thoughts as to what's happening here? 

Tnx!  - Rick

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