Re: How to import only LOTW QSO's that are NOT in DXK?


On 14/10/2021 15:33, bob-w9zv wrote:

trying to sync up LOTW and DXK log, and when i do get lots of QSO's that ARE in LOTW log but NOT in the DXK logs.
i get many "no matching QSO in log" in the LotW_QSOs_ADI_error.txt file.

how do do an import of all QSO's that are absent in the DXK log but present in the LOTW log?
Hi Bob,

I think the first question back to you is how did you manage to upload QSOs to LoTW that are not in your existing DXKeeper log? The answer to that should also find you a source for the missing QSO records.




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