Re: Broken RBN Spots

Pete Smith

Hi Pete - these probably arise mostly through erratic sending, QRM  or propagation conditions blurring the existence of the space between, for example,  "CWT" and "N3JT".  CW Skimmer then looks at what it has copied and thinks "that could be a legitimate call."  I see these very frequently in CWTs. Not much you can do unless SpotCollector has or can add a blacklisting function.  In theory, RBN node operators can blacklist calls in their Aggregator software, but we do not attempt to do that for them from the RBN server.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 10/13/2021 4:54 PM, Pete W1RM wrote:

I have spot collector set to show unworked entities for the marathon.  I am getting a ton of bad/broken spots.  Spots like TN3JT and TN2IC just as examples.  I don’t know if these bad spots are coming from one source (node) or are being propagated all over the place.


I do know some of the sources are what I’ll call reliable sources, like K1TTT and KM3T.


Other than just ignore them, what to do?


Pete Chamalian, W1RM




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