Re: WinWarbler problems with RTTY LOW tones (915Hz)

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I have a new Elecraft K4 that I just used with WriteLog to do the Makrothen RTTY contest this last weekend. It worked fine, but I have to use LOW tones (915Hz) because of a bug in firmware with HIGH tones (2125Hz).  When I setup WinWarbler this morning to use the K4 with LOW tones it appears to work correctly, but the waterfall at the bottom of the WinWarbler screen is set off to the right of the screen, on the edge.  I did change all of the MMTTY settings to the LOW tones, including the defaults in the userpara.ini.   Is there some other place I forgot to change the tone frequency?  2Tone was also set for low tones and displays correctly.
+ So that I can see what's going on, please make a screen shot of WinWarbler's Main window with the "Operating Mode" set to RTTY, and a screen shot showing the RTTY tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window. Attach both screen shots to an email message, and send the message to me via

aa6yq (at)


             Dave, AA6YQ

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