Re: support for rigctl


On 11/10/2021 17:40, KF7NN wrote:
i have 2 transceivers on 2 seperate com ports controlled by hamlib rigctl
is there any support to connect to the hamlib interface on a port instead of connecting the rig thru a serial port?


Hi George,

I think that may be possible by using a Hamlib utility called rigctlcom, it can connect to a Hamlib rigctld server and also emulates basic TS-2000 rig. You would connect to it using a virtual serial loopback service like com0com (or socat on *nix style systems). It is also a full Hamlib rigctl client so can connect directly to any Hamlib supported rig, thereby converting the CAT interface to a basic TS-2000 emulation.

Having said that, I just tried it to interface with my Icom IC-756 starting it on a serial port loopback pair COM18 - COM19 like this:

rigctlcom -m 3026 -r COM5 -s 19200 -p COM5 -P RTS -R COM18 -S 19200

then tried to connect to as if a Kenwood rig on COM19 19200 baud 8N1 from Commander. It didn't work quite as it should but it was trying to work. YMMV with the rig(s) you are using.




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