Export, from dxkeeper, FT8 contacts in .adif format consumable by wsjtx?


High level question:  Is it possible to export a standard .adif file from dxkeeper, containing of all my ft8 contacts, and use that file to replace the existing wsjtx log?  

Reason:  I think, based on reading another thread recently, that if I look at the lower left of wsjtx I will be able to see if I have already logged the call sign if that call sign is resident in the log wsjtx is conscious of.  

However, from the beginning of my use of wsjtx I have managed my contacts with (first HRD then dxkeeper).   Each time I migrated contacts from the wsjtx log I deleted the wsjtx log so that only new contacts would be in the log going forward.    

Now, all of my ft8 contacts are in dxkeeper and I have been typing in calls in dxkeeper to see if I already have them while running wsjtx.  However, as noted, I think it is possible, within wsjtx, to see previously logged calls in the lower left window.   (I am not sure about this but read a thread here recently that gave me that perception).

IF I export a standard adif from dxkeeper and replace the wsjtx simple wsjtx adif log at C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\WSJT-X/logs with the adif from dxkeeper can wsjtx consume it properly??

I understand I can run the experiment myself, but, having done such things on software I did not fully understand in the past, I have learned a bit of caution.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts.  


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