Re: I'd like to use SpotCollectors Text Message Alert Function

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave and all who replied to my request for help,

Thanks to all for the outpouring of helpful information. I now have email and SMS functions working.

What worked for me:
In the Email Alarm Tab:
enable checked
From email address my gmail address
To email address: my gmail address
Include spot notes checked
SMS-optimized messagess checked
In the Outgoing Mail Server Box
Server requires authentication checked
User name my gmail address
Password the APP PASSWORD I created in my Google Account Note - When asked what you want it for choose "Select app" From drop down choose "other", then enter SpotCollector and finally click "generate." When you enter the app password as your password here, don't include the spaces.

+ using Larry K4KGG's notes above, I have updated

+ to include step-by-step instructions for obtaining and using an "App Password" that will enable Gmail's outgoing mail server to accept messages sent by your instance of SpotCollector. The option to obtain an "App Password" is only provided if your Gmail account is configured to employ 2-step verification.


Dave, AA6YQ

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