Re: FT8 DXKeeper question

Bill Pence

Wsjt file menu "open log directory" will get you to the files. Wsjt log is there in adif format.

If you are only missing a few ft8, I think you can enable dupe checking in dxkeeper and just import.  Only the new qso's should then end up in the dxkeeper log.

Also you can use an adif edit program such as ADIF Master 
"ADIF Master - advanced application for working with Ham Radio logbooks"

To get just the qso's you need and make a file to import.

As for why they did not get transferred,
Are you sure you had jtalert open?
I've made that mistake. Could so m.j ethinyl BBC else interfere with the TCP port between jtalert and dxkeeper?  Unless its multicast, that is a 1 source 1 destination pipe...

On Sat, Sep 18, 2021, 5:03 PM Ted Boerkamp <tboerkamp@...> wrote:

Hi Guys….I had WSJT and JTAlert working with DXkeeper to log my FT8 contacts a few nights ago.

Today for some reason, I make the contacts and I get the confirmation window opening

But the contacts are not transferred automatically to DXKeeper anymore.

Did I miss something here?? Where is the log file in WSJT that holds the contacts and

How do I retrieve them or get them transferred now???

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks  Ted VE3SS

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