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Jeff Tostenrude K5UHF

Thank you for investigating this. I have not looked at the GT forum yet to see if this had previously been reported.

The QSO does get logged to LoTW (from GT), so I was hoping that by using the Sync LoTW QSOs function, it would record the QSO in DXKeeper, but it does not. (It works fine for all other QSOs.)


On Sat, Sep 18, 2021 at 3:09 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I am using Gridtracker to send the logs to DXKeeper

+ Thanks for the errorlog you sent me. It shows that when a "Log QSO" directive conveying an ADIF record that contains one or more "special characters" is received from GridTracker, the directive incorrectly specifies the total number characters in the ADIF record. As a result, the required <EOR> tag at the end of the ADIF record is truncated, causing DXKeeper to reject the directive.

+ I am copying a Jonathan KF5QHQ, a member of the GridTracker team, so that he can convey this defect report.

when I try to download the QSOs from LoTW, there is still an issue.

+ Why are you downloading QSOs from LotW? What steps are you taking to do this? What leads you to conclude that "there is still an issue"?

+ The appropriate action after submitting QSOs to LoTW is to invoke DXKeeper's "Sync LoTW QSOs" function to update your logged QSOs to reflect their acceptance by LoTW, and then invoke its "Sync LoTW QSLs" to update your QSOs to reflect their confirmation by LoTW. See


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