DXKeeper and Clublog issue


Hi Dave-

Occasionally when using JTAlert , WSJTX and DXK, and logging a completed QSO, I receive a failed to log message. When I check in DXK, the QSO is logged, but I see a message that says the upload to Club-log failed. Then sometimes I can manually upload to Clublog, sometimes not, I assume a Clublog issue, later on I can upload manually OK. I am on a VPN, I do not know if this is having an impact on connectivity to Clublog. 

However , later when I try to re-attempt the Clublog upload I cannot find a way to determine which QSO has uploaded to Clublog or not, except to try the manual Clublog upload again.

I checked DXK folder for any  error or Clublog-log files to check, and I found none. 

So I am looking for a way to run a report to show which QSOs are in Clublog vs not. 

Is that possible? 

Thanks Dan KC2STA

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