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Dave AA6YQ

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I use a iPhone SE generation one running iOS 14.8 on which I would like to receive text message alerts. My mail client is Gmail, but I use the Mozilla Thunderbird app to send and receive mail. I have run into several snags trying to follow the "Settings for popular email servers < for popular outgoing email servers> " on the "Configuring SpotCollector for Email Alarm Settings" page. When I use the "Settings for popular email servers" suggested settings for Gmail, several problems occur: Using the "Settings for popular Outgoing email Servers" settings for Gmail fails a test email. The error message reads "Test message failed: the Outgoing email Server address or port number is incorrect." Thunderbird's outgoing server uses the same Gmail settings that don't work. I note your warnings about needing 2 factor ID. I have enabled this. I note that I will need app password, though I read elsewhere that iphones with iOS I am running do not need app passwords. Nevertheless, because my email test failed, I created app password. I am unable to use that app password because I'm unable to find the location on my phone where the app password instructions say the password must be installed. Finally with respect to configuring Google account to consider SSL to be sufficient, I can't find any way to check the status of my account regarding whether it considers SSL to be sufficient.
Would someone using Gmail please point out my error or talk me through a successful setup they have used. I'm desperate for the SMS messages on needed calls and entities.

+ Google has been making changes to the settings required to access a Gmail account.

+ Google's instructions for configuring your Gmail account to allow the use of SSL are here:

+ Google's instructions for obtaining an "app password" are here:

+ Your goal is to enable SpotCollector to send email messages to your Gmail account. This does not involve either your Mozilla Thunderbird app or your iPhone.


Dave, AA6YQ

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