Re: Got the maybe new installation blues

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I have DXLabs installed on one of the shack computers and loving it!

Consequently, I am trying to install it on another computer but having difficulties.

I downloaded Launcher and it runs OK.  However, all the launcher buttons are red,
indicating I believe that Launcher thinks they are all installed but when I click on the
"cmd" button (or any other app button) it reports that "Command.exe" does not exist.

This makes sense as I have not installed any of them.
Launcher/Config shows only Launcher is installed...nothing else.  Under the heading "action"
are "Upgrade" buttons.  When I push an Upgrade button, I get the message:
"can't Upgrade Commander  C:\DXLab 2012\Commander\CI-V Commander.exe does not exist; Upgrade aborted

I've overlooked something or am doing something wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.

+ That the Launcher's buttons for each DXLab application are colored red means that settings in the Windows Registry show those applications to be installed.

+ That the error message when you direct the Launcher to upgrade Commander references the folder 

C:\DXLab 2012\Commander

+ implies that you installed DXLab applications on this computer back in 2012, but that the folder in which you installed them no longer exists.

+ In the Windows Control panel, please run the "uninstall an application" applet, and inspect the list of installed applications that it displays. Are any or your DXLab applications listed as installed?


                Dave, AA6YQ




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