Got the maybe new installation blues

Don Kerouac K9NR

I have DXLabs installed on one of the shack computers and loving it!

Consequently, I am trying to install it on another computer but having difficulties.

I downloaded Launcher and it runs OK.  However, all the launcher buttons are red,
indicating I believe that Launcher thinks they are all installed but when I click on the
"cmd" button (or any other app button) it reports that "Command.exe" does not exist.

This makes sense as I have not installed any of them.
Launcher/Config shows only Launcher is installed...nothing else.  Under the heading "action"
are "Upgrade" buttons.  When I push an Upgrade button, I get the message:
"can't Upgrade Commander  C:\DXLab 2012\Commander\CI-V Commander.exe does not exist; Upgrade aborted

I've overlooked something or am doing something wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.

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