Re: Spotcollectors web server not answering


On 20/08/2021 16:06, Gorm Helt-Hansen wrote:
Hi Dave.
I'm using the address from the manual: <> and I have no connection (timeout).

73 Gorm.
Hi Gorm,

the host address ( needs to match the IP address of your machine running SpotCollector. Try it first on the same machine with this URL:

If that works then SpotCollector is serving spots via HTML on the default port 80.

To access it from a different machine you will need to find the IP address of your machine running SpotCollector and substitute that. Also you will almost certainly have to rut a rule in your firewall of the machine running SpotCollector to allow incoming TCP/IP traffic on port 80.

If you want to access it from outside your local network then you will either have to set up port forwarding in your router to port 80 of your machine running SpotCollector, or probably safer, use a VPN product so you can access your SpotCollector host from anywhere on the Internet as if you were connected to the same local network.




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