Re: Commander to SatPC32 integration - will not connect

Bill Pence

Could this be the issue?
Did you make this change from the dxlab setup info?

Continuous Tracking

By default, SatPC32 only conveys information to Commander when the selected satellite is above the horizon. You can change this to "always conveys information to Commander":

  1. In the ? menu, place your mouse over the Auxilliary Files entry; in the menu that appears to the right, select DivOptions.SQF

  2. The file DivOptions.SQF should appear in your default text file editor. Change the second line of this file from - (2) to + (2)

  3. Save the change you made to DivOptions.SQF

On Fri, Jul 30, 2021, 11:04 AM Dave Fugleberg <davefugleberg@...> wrote:
I'm trying to configure the integration shown in to convey satellite information from SatPC32 to Commander and on to DxKeeper. I'm using SatPC32 v 12.9 and a IC-9700 with latest firmware.

Here's what works so far:
1) Commander configured for multi-radio - Radio 1 is my HF rig (K3), Radio 2 is direct control for the 9700, and radio 3 is SatPC32. All three are Enabled. the port for Radio 3 is set to - (the dash after port 64 in the pulldown).
2) Commander can control Radio 1 or Radio 2 when selected from Commander. CAT control behaves as expected for either radio.
3) With Radio 3 (SatPC32) selected in Commander, I go and start SatPC32.  SatPC32 controls the radio and works as expected.  At this point, the box in the upper right corner of Commander says Disconnected and Satellite name and mode are blank, as expected.

However - 
When I click Connect, nothing happens. Commander still says Disconnected.

Is there something in the configuration of SatPC32 I may have missed ?

Thanks es 73 de W0ZF

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