Re: Can two Spot Collectors connect simultaneously to same DXKeeper database?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

That's really all I need for my current operating conditions, thx. Out of curiosity, are there any other clients that could operate this way (just the client + UDP)?
If WinWarbler did that I think all modes would be covered for the occasional non-FT8 QSO on the Radio PC.

+ At present, WinWarbler logs QSOs to DXKeeper via DDE, which requires that the two applications be running on the same computer. DXKeeper can accept "Log this QSO" directives via TCP, so it would be straight forward to extend WinWarbler to offer that option, but there would be some loss of functionality compare to the "both on the same computer" configuration:

- the Call textbox's caption would not indicate the number of previous QSOs with this callsign

- details of the most recent QSO with this station would not be displayed in the expanded QSO info panel

- the Call textbox's font and background colors would not be set to indicate "award need" and "participation in eQSL/LoTW"

+ Restoring these lost capabilities would require extending DXKeeper to send an "after the QSO was logged" message back to WinWarbler containing the above information, and extending WinWarbler to display it.

+ Who would use this capability if it were provided?


Dave, AA6YQ

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