Re: SpotCollector

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave i noticed a small inconvenient in my SC.

When i activated "Show Spots of <Callsign> near <QRG> in SSB " the apropriate window apears on top, showing a bunch of former spots.

Usually in the past it was possible to write a reference or so in the "Notes" box of a possible outgoing spot, still showing the window <Show
Spots> thus able to copy an earlier given reference.

Now, when i have the <Show Spots...> visible, and i move the cursor and
click in the box for the "notes for outgoing spots"

the moment i click the window "Show Spots" dissapears. It is no longer
"on top", but hidden by the SC-window.

+ That's correct behavior, Eddy: when you click on a window, it becomes active, and obscures any parts of windows behind it that do not have their "always on top" properties enabled. The "Spots of ..." window has never had its "always on top" property enabled; DXLab applications only enable a window's "always on top" property if that window displays information that the user must immediately see.

So i am not able to copy data from it, in order to generate a new spot with correct references.

+ Position the "Spots of..." window so that it is not behind SpotCollector's Main window.


Dave, AA6YQ

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