Re: Can two Spot Collectors connect simultaneously to same DXKeeper database?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I'll try the approach I outlined above, running a second database on the Office PC and exporting / importing the ADIF's to the master db on the Radio PC.
I don't see a reliable way to automate this export/import but please advise if I've missed something (i.e. a "synch" function that exports/imports new QSO's each time).

+ There is no such "new QSO sync" function; when I asked here about providing this capability several years ago, no one expressed interest. Such a capability would only ensure that a new QSO logged on the remote system was also logged on the local (master) system; it would not propagate changes made to QSOs via the remote instance of DXKeeper, like updating a signal report. I fear this could cause confusion and data loss.

+ If you use the direct interoperation between WSJT-X and DXLab, all you would need on the remote system would be instances of WSJT-X and Commander; QSOs logged via the remote instance of WSJT-X would be conveyed to the local instance of SpotCollector, which would direct the local instance of DXKeeper to log them. See "Installing and Configuring Additional WSJT-X Instances" in


             Dave, AA6YQ


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