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Peter Laws / N5UWY

Excessive quoting for context since it's been a bit.

This all worked. The log has been transferred (via Zoom and Dropbox)
to the new Trustee. We even imported 700+ Field Day QSOs and uploaded
them to LOTW. I even discovered a couple things deep in the bowels of
DXKeeper that will smooth those imports for both him and me in the
future (ignore sub-squares, stop deducing).

All the switching of workspaces though made me think of a feature
request. My workspaces had all leaked. This isn't a big deal if I
switch, say, from "N5UWY" to "N5UWY-Lite" since it's the same DB and
the same LOTW creds though with different app settings ... but for the
club call, it was an issue. I've gone through and cleaned them all up
in my installation. Further, I've also made it a new habit to "save
settings" before loading another workspace. I also recommended this
to the new trustee and told him why. My feature request is this: For
a user who has just terminated a workspace and who goes to load a
different one, a dialog box that prompts the user to save the settings
of the workspace they just left. Not sure of the exact sequence of
events, but something that reminds me to save settings before I load
the next workspace would, I think, prevent inter-workspace leakage.
Not much of a problem if you only have a single callsign, but if you
manage club calls, I think it would be helpful.

Speaking of workspaces, the new trustee was having issues with save
workspaces. Errorlog showed the MSWINSCK.OCX error that others have
mentioned. Found a couple of old list messages that had procedures
that did "something" in that we get a different error now. We still
haven't eliminated user error so I'm not yet looking for answers. His
own log is very small, so he was going to export his DB to ADIF, kill
his own workspace and recreate it/import the ADIF. "More details as
they become available"

On Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 11:28 AM Peter Laws / N5UWY via
<> wrote:

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 11:44 PM Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

In the DXKeeper file (no .reg) within the Workspace directory corresponding to the club's callsign, I find my own callsign in addition to the club call.


I would like to clean that up in a programmatic way since my inclination is to go to Windows Subsystem for Linux, and edit the suckers out of there with vi ... but that's probably not the best way.

* I strongly advise against directly editing the registry files. Instead,
1. Terminate all DXLab applications except the Launcher
2. Direct the Launcher to load the Workspace
3. Start DXKeeper
4. Use DXKeeper to correct the incorrect settings
5. Terminate DXKeeper
6. Direct the Launcher to save Settings to the Workspace
* Now the Workspace has been updated with your corrected settings
But, but, but ... ASCII !! :-D This is exactly what I realized I
could do and should have been more careful about in the past.

Of the examples I left in above, the only one I can't find (so I can
kill) is the second set of LOTW credentials (my call vs the club
call). Club stuff is there, but so is my own stuff. DXKeeper is the
last cleanup I need to do - the rest of my errors were cleaned up

Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!

Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!

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