Re: Windows 10 and S mode


On 26/07/2021 19:32, Charlie via wrote:
I'm slowly realizing that Windows 10 Mode S is blocking my attempts to load this software (and others as well).  I would dearly like to load this software and keep mode S active.  Other than you guys at DXLab contacting Microsoft and getting the software listed in their Store app, is there any way I can run your software with Mode S active?

For what it's worth, to my knowledge, there is no approved, sophisticated, logging software listed in their Store app.  What a coup it might be if you all went to the trouble.  Please comment. Do you have something in the works and might you be able to give us a date for this?

WA3KVN, Charlie
Hi Charlie,

I believe you can turn off S mode and have your system revert to a more standard WIndows Desktop version that allows you to install applications not only via the Windows Store, at your discretion.




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