Commander Comment box not accepting entry

Chuck, WS1L

I just noticed this happen for the second time.  

I have enabled Rows 1-11 and Row 14.  My Row 14 has CW Ops and SKCC as labels.  If I type data into the SKCC box then I can no longer click in the Comments box.  Clicking doesn't get focus, double-clicking doesn't launch the Comment editor box.

All other entry boxes and drop-dwons seem to be OK, though I didn't test them all.  The first time this happened a few days ago I just re-started DXKeeper.  This time I logged the QSO then made an entry in the comments field in the main window, not the Capture window.  That saved OK.  

I now have an errorlog, which I will send directly.  

73 de Chuck, WS1L

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