Re: Windows 10 Port (com & LPT) vanished


On 21/07/2021 18:33, Bruce N7XGR wrote:
Mike,  The main ingredient is a 4 port USB hub inside of the 991.
The CODEC IC and the UART com port IC connects to it.  I believe that there
are 2 com ports, a standard and an enhanced, and so a 4 port
hub is needed.
With Device Manager open expand the USB controllers tree with the USB cable
unplugged, now plug it in and observe if this list changes by one.
If it does not then the 4 port hub is dead.

Bruce  N7XGR


you are confusing USB ports and USB endpoints. I doubt there is a USB hub in the FT-991A, it is more likely a single device with multiple endpoints for audio in, audio out, and a pair of serial ports.




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