Re: Windows 10 Port (com & LPT) vanished

Bruce N7XGR

Mike,  The main ingredient is a 4 port USB hub inside of the 991.
The CODEC IC and the UART com port IC connects to it.  I believe that there
are 2 com ports, a standard and an enhanced, and so a 4 port
hub is needed.
With Device Manager open expand the USB controllers tree with the USB cable
unplugged, now plug it in and observe if this list changes by one.
If it does not then the 4 port hub is dead.

Bruce  N7XGR

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 10:47 AM Michael E Wilson Sr <ke5wct@...> wrote:
Thanks for the response:
1) I have tried all of the USB ports
2) don't have another computer
3) have used all of my USB cables

Note: The FT-991A internal device (SCU-17) gets its power directly from the Power Supply connected to the radio. When the P/S is turned on, at least when everything was working normally, the com port was connected (even with the radio off).

In the window's real: 
1) the show hidden devices is enabled - nothing changes
2) reloading the drivers per Yaesu procedure, they appear to load but nothing changes.

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 9:04 AM Joe Subich, W4TV <lists@...> wrote:

This is probably not the right forum for an issue of this kind.

 >>     Since this is obviously a Windows problem, thought it would throw
 >>     it out to the world and see if I could catch me a very big Window
 >>     10 SME (Subject Matter Enthusiast).

This is *not* "obviously a Windows problem".  1) have you tried
connecting the USB cable to a different (USB) port on the computer?
2) have you tried connecting the radio to a different computer?
3) have you tried using a different USB cable?

Is the radio turned on?  Most radio USB ports are powered by the
radio and disappear if the radio is off.  Have you double checked
the cable to confirm that it is *fully* connected at both ends?

In the Windows realm:  1) Have you enabled hidden devices in Device
Manager (View -> Show Hidden Devices)?  2) have you tried reloading
the USB driver from Yaesu?  Disconnect the USB cable, follow the
manufacturer's instructions for loading the driver as if it was new.


    ... Joe, W4TV

>>     On Jul 20, 2021, at 9:16 PM, Michael E Wilson Sr <ke5wct@...
>>     <mailto:ke5wct@...>> wrote:
>>     Don's know where to put this issue - In involves Windows to
>>     totally removing the Port (com & LPT) setting within Device
>>     Manager. No Matter what is done to the PC the Device Manager "Port
>>     (COM & LPT)" remains gone.
>>     Chain of events. Sunday Evening I fired up the FT-991A along with
>>     wsjt-x and JTAlert. I worked a couple of station, but was tired so
>>     shup the radio down, then shut down the PC, same order of events
>>     as always, Then went to bed.
>>     Monday, after working at the PC most of the day (working with
>>     HRDLog that get qsl's caught up. That evening I fired up the radio
>>     and wsjt-x/JTAlert, bam big red flag that the wsjt-x would not
>>     connect to the radio. Checked the setting and found that
>>     for the radio port there was on USB listed (no com ports of any
>>     kind). No mater what I tried, there was no way to connect to the
>>     radio. I check into the PC, and could not find any com ports in
>>     device manager. I gave up and went to bed. Today I spent several
>>     hours trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Found
>>     nothing. This after noon, I called ACER (PC is a 6 week on ACER
>>     Aspire under 3 year warranty). Tech support had never heard any
>>     any events like what I presented. There initial solution after
>>     other attempts failed, was to use the PC reset function and reset
>>     the PC back to the original factory Windows 10 install as it
>>     appeared what I bought it. That only took about 40 minutes. But
>>     those 40 mins just to al my total frustration, since the problem
>>     remained.
>>     Since this is obviously a Windows problem, thought it would throw
>>     it out to the world and see if I could catch me a very big Window
>>     10 SME (Subject Matter Enthusiast). I would think that there has
>>     to be at least one other unornate OLD man out there that has run
>>     into this problem and has the magic solution!
>>     Any takers?
>>     Very grateful for  any assistance
>>     73 and have a Great DX day.
>>     de KE5WCT
>>     Mike Wilson
>>     --
>>     Mike
>>     KE5WCT

73 de KE5WCT
Mike Wilson


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