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On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 5:10 PM Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

+ The Launcher's Workspaces window displays the Workspaces present in the current Workspaces folder (which defaults to the Launcher's Workspaces folder). If you move a new folder into the current Workspaces folder while the Launcher is running, terminate and restart the Launcher; the new folder should now be present on the Launcher's Workspaces window.


2) Move the DXKeeper MDB with the club log before or after the workspace shenanigans?

+ I don't understand the question. Please elaborate.
The whole point of moving the workspace from my PC to the new
trustee's PC is so he can maintain the log for the club station. Do I
not need to bother with the workspace part at all and just Dropbox him
the database? 'Cause that makes the rest of this moot. :-)

I had never looked at the files in the workspace folders before, what with fear of black magic and all, and now I see that they are basically just the Registry entries in plain text. Including LOTW and TQSL credentials in plain text. :/

+ They are files with a .reg suffix. Be careful: double-clicking one of them in Windows Explorer, and its contents will be loaded into the Windows Registry.
c:/apps/DXLab/Launcher/Workspaces contains a number of directories,
one for each workspace as I guess you'd expect. In each of these
directories are files with the name of the various DXL modules. None
of them have .reg extensions (yes, I have "hide extensions" turned off
because that's weird and I'm looking at them in PowerShell in any
case). All appear to *be* Registry entries, e.g.,


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\DXKeeper]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\DXKeeper\ADIF]

et cetera so we're talking about the same items regardless of how they
may be named.

Looking at the club DXKeeper stuff in the club workspace, I see my own LOTW and TQSL credentials in addition to the club's ... what did I do
wrong for that to happen? How can I gracefully clean that up before the transfer happens?

+ I don't understand the first question. In general, to update a Workspace's contents,
In the DXKeeper file (no .reg) within the Workspace directory
corresponding to the club's callsign, I find my own callsign in
addition to the club call.


I would like to clean that up in a programmatic way since my
inclination is to go to Windows Subsystem for Linux, and edit the
suckers out of there with vi ... but that's probably not the best way.

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