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Peter Laws / N5UWY

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 4:20 PM Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

Is there a how-to for moving a workspace from one system to another?

+ A Workspace is simply a folder containing one file for each DXLab application. It can be copied from one Windows system to another like any other folder.

I'm going to assume it's something along the lines of "switch to that ws, save all the settings, switch out, then tar up the directory in c:/apps/DXLab/Launcher/Workspace" ... Untarring it on his system is great but how do we get Launcher to see it?

+ On the destination system, put the Workspace (folder) in the Launcher's Workspaces folder. The Launcher can reference a Workspace located anywhere on a computer's file system, but it's best to maintain them in one place: the Launcher's Workspaces folder.
I meant zip, of course. So 1) will Launcher just see the new
directory and "do the right thing", or will he need to set up the
workspace before we put the directory there? 2) Move the DXKeeper MDB
with the club log before or after the workspace shenanigans?

I had never looked at the files in the workspace folders before, what
with fear of black magic and all, and now I see that they are
basically just the Registry entries in plain text. Including LOTW and
TQSL credentials in plain text. :/

Looking at the club DXKeeper stuff in the club workspace, I see my own
LOTW and TQSL credentials in addition to the club's ... what did I do
wrong for that to happen? How can I gracefully clean that up before
the transfer happens?

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