VUCC report query

Phil Cooper

Hi Dave and the group,

Simply because my compromise antenna seems to be doing better than expected, mainly because of the improving conditions on 6m, I am starting to chase DXCC, and also keeping an eye on my VUCC total on LoTW.

Currently, LoTW shows that I have 200 grids confirmed on 6m.
However, when I check the VUCC report in DXKeeper, it says 214 worked and 186 confirmed.

Looking at the report, there are quite a few that show MISSING under the LoTW Confirm heading, but are confirmed on LoTW and show up in my VUCC total.
Is it because they were RTTY, rather than FT8, where the grid is usually logged, whist in RTTY, it usually isn't?

I also notice that the VUCC report brings up contacts where there is no card, and no LoTW confirmation, so I would really like to get a VUCC report for just those grids confirmed on LoTW. is that possible?

I'm also very surprised at the number of stations using 6m that use LoTW, but do not have a grid set in whatever it is they use to upload to LoTW! Sadly, most are Italian stations, but there are others too.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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