Re: DXK DXCC Submission Question

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have generated a DXCC submission in DXK, based on QSL cards received, that resulted in 139 QSO's being selected for submission. I only want to include 100 of those QSO's. If I go into my log and change the QSL received status for the 39 QSO's that I don't want to submit from "S" back to "Y" and I then generate the ADIF file for online submission will the ADIF file only include the 100 QSO's I want to submit? Assuming my DXCC application QSO's are later all verified by DXCC, if I select "Verify Submission" will DXK only change the QSL received status to "V" for the 100 QSO's I submitted?

+ Yes.

I know the answer may seem obvious but I want to check with the experts before I mess things up if I'm wrong. I already messed up my log by changing QSO's in the QSL Queue a while back and I don't want a repeat.

+ To alleviate your anxiety, I strongly suggest that you make a backup copy of your log before starting the above process. Then you'll be able to "undo" if things don't go as expected.


Dave, AA6YQ

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