Re: Windows 11

Al Groff

  DXLAB and my other ham apps have been running without any issue unique to Windows 11.

BUT your mileage may vary!  And Windows 11 could still change before release.


On 7/19/2021 12:57 PM, Peter Laws / N5UWY wrote:
The currently published "retirement" date for Windows 10 is 2025-10-14.

The current guess for Windows 11 general availability is "October 2021".

If you are concerned/upset/excited about W11, go here and click "Download latest
stable release" and run it. That will tell you if your system meets
*today's* list of W11 requirements.

SO FAR, my particular CPU is "not supported" (only non-green box on
the tool). I expect that this will change before (or even after) W11
ships and if it *doesn't*, I am likely to have replaced the system by
the time of W10's "retirement" anyway given that it's approaching 4
years old.

IOW, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Besides, 50 MHz
is still quite open, so my time is better spent adding grids.

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