Re: Windows 11

Peter Laws / N5UWY

The currently published "retirement" date for Windows 10 is 2025-10-14.

The current guess for Windows 11 general availability is "October 2021".

If you are concerned/upset/excited about W11, go here and click "Download latest
stable release" and run it. That will tell you if your system meets
*today's* list of W11 requirements.

SO FAR, my particular CPU is "not supported" (only non-green box on
the tool). I expect that this will change before (or even after) W11
ships and if it *doesn't*, I am likely to have replaced the system by
the time of W10's "retirement" anyway given that it's approaching 4
years old.

IOW, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Besides, 50 MHz
is still quite open, so my time is better spent adding grids.

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