Re: DXKeeper 16.0.7 is available

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

"responds to a double-click of a Spot Database Entry in SpotCollector with SpotCollector's "Log Filter" option set to "Call" and
DXKeeper's "Display previous QSOs on Lookup" option disabled by setting the Filter panel textbox to the Spot Database Entry's
callsign, making it possible to quickly display previous QSOs with that callsign by clicking the Filter panel's Call button (tnx to
Joe W9RF)"


I just came across this enhancement today, and find it incredibly useful. Then, I found myself wanting just a little more. Could this feature be extended to the Spots/callsigns displayed in the Bandspread window?

+ I've sent you a new version of DXKeeper with the requested functionality; please let me know how it goes...


Dave, AA6YQ

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