Re: Commander question/request

Dave AA6YQ

* more AA6YQ comments below
+ That API control's the radio RX bandwidth. I asked for documentation of the API that controls the notch filter bandwidth.

* As you've likely discovered by now, Hamlib doesn't provide an API that controls the notch filter bandwidth. Hamlib only provides control over a small groups of common radio parameters; employing it would do nothing to mitigate your suggestion's requirement to track the huge number of radio-specific parameters that Commander's user-defined sequences or sliders can control.

+ Tracking a parameter requires specifying

- the CAT commands that direct the radio to report the parameter

- the frequency at which the radio should be directed to report the parameter

- how the parameter can be extracted from the information reported by the radio

+ I have long sought a simple abstraction for this, one that most users could learn and employ with any make and model of transceiver. So far, no joy.


              Dave, AA6YQ


              Dave, AA6YQ

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