LoTW upload problem

Stewart Wilkinson

I have Today for the first time used a new special callsign M1L for some QSO's - these have been added to DXKeeper and appear with M1L as the Station Callsign and the correct MyQTH.

Each of the QSO's has the LotW Requested flag set and I have created a corresponding Station Location in TQSL.

Yet each time I try to add Requested QSL's the the QSL Queue with Log page screen unfiltered nothing gets added (and no error message is shown).

If filter the Log page display to only shows the QSO's I want to upload and then click Add All and Answer N to the question about making all QSO's available I then get the following message:

and again NO QSO's get added to the Queue.

What have I done wrong ? (similar settings appear to work for my other Calls and locations).

Stewart G0LGS

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