Re: Telnet Access to IOTA Spots


+ AA6YQ comments below

Is there a telnet address for IOTA spots so I can add them to SpotCollector like I do SOTA?

+ Are you asking if there is a DXCluster that is dedicated to IOTA spots?
++ Yes, I was looking for a telnet access to the IOTA cluster, I should ask on the IOTA forum.  Just thought someone here might know.  

+ SpotCollector identifies and extracts IOTA tags in the spot notes of all spot sources; these appear in the Spot Database's IOTA field. Today, for example, EA6/EI6DX is active from EU-004. SOTA and POTA tags are similarly identified and extracted.
++ This only works if someone posts a spot with the IOTA tag.  I worked two islands last night that were spotted on RBN and I didn't know they were islands until after I looked them up.  

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