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Dave AA6YQ

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Somehow, I screwed up on a CWT mini contest through N1MM this last Thursday, 7/14/2021. Somehow, all of the QSOs are dated 7/13 instead of 7/14 and I didn't notice it until I imported the .ADI file into DXkeeper. I need to do a group date change. I assume that has to be done using the Advanced Sorts, Filters, and Modifiers tab. I've looked at that and the wiki instructions but I am uncertain as to how to set up the change.

+ First, backup your log (Configuration window, Log tab, Backup button)

+ Next, filter the Log Page Display to contain only the QSOs whose dates are incorrect

+ Then user the "Modify QSOs" panel to correct the QSO_Begin and QSO_End fields by adding 24 hours to each. The 9th bullet in the "Using the Modify QSOs panel" section of

+ explains how to do this.

+ Note that articles in "Getting Started with DXLab" - aka "the Wiki" - provide step-by-step instructions for frequent usage scenarios, but do not provide a comprehensive description of all available functionality. For the latter, refer to the Reference documentation.


Dave, AA6YQ

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