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Bob - W6OPO

I sent this to Dave earlier.  Check his comment at the bottom of this message regarding risk.  Important to know.

My message begins:
Fixed- Lets see if I can explain this.  


I have this need to have the application programs (execution modules) in one of the two Programs directories in Windows.  As I recall – been a few years since I installed DXLab on this computer – DXLab was to be installed in the root directory.  That went against my training of old so I didn’t.


I installed all the DXLab applications in the Programs directory.  But that caused a problem with Windows.  Being in the Program directory all the DXLab applications had to be run as Administrator.  All were but not Commander.  I had been noticing but ignoring when starting Commander I wasn’t getting the Windows interruption asking me if I wanted to proceed.


So a few minutes ago I looked at the Compatibility tab in Properties and see I had not checked the box Run as Administrator.  Saving all I then rebooted.  Now it works as it should.  Even if I start DXKeeper first then Commander the CC now shows up in DXKeeper's title bar and the Commander information is passed on to DXKeeper.


I surmise that Commander not running in Administrator mode prevented some communication with DXKeeper at least in one direction.  Now it works in either sequence.


Although I have been running DXLab this way for years all DXLab application have performed as expected – they all were set to run as Administrator – even Launcher.  BTW - when running Launcher I have to click to proceed responding to Windows challenge.  But I only have to do that once for Launcher.  All programs it starts do so without a Windows challenge.  (All this because I want the programs to reside in the Windows Programs directory - a personal desire)


Any comments on this issue of having the programs in the Windows Program directory.  Anything I’m missing?


Dave added this in response to my question regarding running apps in Administrator Mode - a high level of authorization.  In Administrator Mode the system allows a program to write to another program - an inherent exposure there.  Just be sure you know what you are doing in regards to risk.  

"+ No, it's perfectly fine to install all of the DXLab apps in what Windows considers a "protected folder" so long as they're all running at the same level of Admin privilege. Any other apps that interoperate with DXLab apps via DDE must obey the same constraint.



+ From a system security perspective, it's best to minimize the number of apps that have Admin privileges, but unless you manage your finances on the same machine that hosts DXLab, that's likely not a significant issue."

Bob - W6OPO

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