Re: Memory: Kenwood R-5000

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Thanks, I now feel that I have been squarely Put in My Place. Perhaps it is not a "very desirable" feature iff 1) you measure desirability by popularity

+ I measure it by value to DXLab's target users

and 2) if you are only considering 'working DX' from a base-station that has plenty of workspace

+ That's what most DXers do.

and 3) your trusty tower-of-power computer is right there, plugged into the wall outlet

+ That's what most DXers do.

.But, that is not the case for someone operating emergency-service comms from a remote location with NO mains power; possibly also a shortfall of fuel to run an AC generator 24/7.

+ That's not what most DXers do, or what the DXLab Suite aims to support.

Why not have the capability of writing to the on-board memory of the transceiver or receiver?

+ Because the time spent implementing it would be time not spent implementing far more valuable new capabilities; in product management, this concept is referred to as "opportunity cost".

That write-to functionality is inherent in the R-5000 and (without recourse to the specifications of other receivers / transceivers...), I suspect it's true of many other radios.

+ It's true of some but certainly not all radios.  Worse, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Icom, Kenwood, TenTec, and Yaesu all implement memories differently, and thus unique code is required for each approach (and testing, and documentation). Commander provides memories for all transceivers, whether they provide "hardware support" or not. And those memories remain accessible when the user switches from one primary transceiver to another.

+ You are proposing that a large amount of time be spent building, testing, and documenting something that is inferior to what's already provided to support a usage scenario (no computer, emergency service) that is far outside DXLab's target: Dxers primary, and general operators secondarily.

+ DXLab explicitly does not target contesting. It also does not target emergency communications.

+ If you're seeking transceiver control for emergency communications, DXLab is the wrong choice.


                 Dave, AA6YQ

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