Re: Memory: Kenwood R-5000


Thanks, I now feel that I have been squarely Put in My Place. Perhaps it is not a "very desirable" feature iff 1) you measure desirability by popularity, and 2) if you are only considering 'working DX' from a base-station that has plenty of workspace and 3) your trusty tower-of-power computer is right there, plugged into the wall outlet.

But, that is not the case for someone operating emergency-service comms from a remote location with NO mains power; possibly also a shortfall of fuel to run an AC generator 24/7.

Why not have the capability of writing to the on-board memory of the transceiver or receiver? That write-to functionality is inherent in the R-5000 and (without recourse to the specifications of other receivers / transceivers...), I suspect it's true of many other radios.

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