Memory: Kenwood R-5000


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Subject: Memory: Kenwood R-5000
Date: 2021-07-15 18:59
From: lynx@...

When looking into Commander's capabilities, it said that it had 100 memories in 10 banks (10x10). This coincides with the memory on-board the R-5000 and, it seemed sensible and intuitive that Commander could be used to easily upload up to 100 memory location's worth of settings from a Text or CSV-type of file, to the memory of my Kenwood R-5000 with just a few key strokes. That task having been done, one would not always need the connection to a computer and to use Commander ---- one could simply make use of the on-board memories.

This was desirable, particularly during mobile and emergency operations when carrying and putting additional reliance on a PC isn't sensible.

Perhaps I am missing something, but this very desirable function seems to be lacking. I can change the frequency and VFO (A vs B) and mode (FM, AM...etc). Perhaps someone can explain what, if anything, I am missing here.

Mike G

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