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Dave AA6YQ

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My computer got wiped out so I have had to reload all the software (log was backed up though).

+ Had you not saved your settings and filters to a Workspace and backed up that Workspace, as described here"


I've always used the distance filter on six, but I can't seem to get it to work on the "new" software. The proper buttons are selected on the "bands" tab .... i.e. " Enable Start........", the six meter button is highlighted and the distance set at 1000 miles, but I am still seeing European origin spots.

+ That's correct behavior:

1. Spot Collector's Main window doesn't display spots, it displays entries for active DX stations. Each such entry may have been spotted by multiple stations in multiple locations around the world. An entry's Source field displays the callsign of the most recent station to spot the entry's callsign.

2. If you have "Band Filter" window's "Max origin DX" for 6m set to 1000 miles, that means "hide the entries for any active 6m station that wasn't spotted by a station within 1000 miles of your QTH". If a 6m station was spotted by your next-door neighbor, and then spotted 15 minutes later by a station in Europe, the entry for that station will continue to be displayed, and its Source field will show the callsign of the station in Europe. You can add columns to the display that show from where each entry's station was spotted, as illustrated in this annotated screenshot:

+ For more information, see


Dave, AA6YQ

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