Re: DXK Logs Wrong Rcv Freq

Joe Subich, W4TV


The issue is that WSJTX supplies *ONLY ONE FREQUENCY* in it's "QSO
Logged" UDP Message. You would find the same result from *direct*
integration between WSJTX and DXKeeper/SpotCollector.

Here is the documentation of the "QSO Logged" UDP message:

* QSO Logged Out 5 quint32
* Id (unique key) utf8
* Date & Time Off QDateTime
* DX call utf8
* DX grid utf8
* Tx frequency (Hz) quint64
* Mode utf8
* Report sent utf8
* Report received utf8
* Tx power utf8
* Comments utf8
* Name utf8
* Date & Time On QDateTime
* Operator call utf8
* My call utf8
* My grid utf8
* Exchange sent utf8
* Exchange received utf8
If you want separate TX and RX frequencies *DON'T USE* the WSJTX
"QSO Logged" UDP Message (either via direct WSJTX integration or
JTAlert), instead *IMPORT* the WSJTX ADIF log. Otherwise,
complain to the WSJTX developers about the lack of TX_Freq,
RX_Freq *AND* TX_Offset, RX_Offset.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-07-12 5:35 PM, Dale Drake wrote:
Thanks Dave.  After I posted I figured out that the trouble is with what JTAlert is putting in the ADIF that feeds DXK.

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